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For Micro ATM

(i) Cash withdrawal facility using Debit card and Aadhar no.

(ii) Transaction based earning.

(iii) Attractive commissions.

(iv) Features includes BBPS, PAN enrollment, DMT and AEPS.

(V) No Rental

(i) Real time settlement.

For HDFC POS machine

(i) Better MDR in Sale POS.

(ii) Free Annual Maintenance charges.


This CRM with Interoperable cash deposit service shall help one bank customer to deposit cash at the same or another banks cash recycling machine (CRM) / cash deposit machine (CDM) for depositing the cash in his own account linked with the debit card or third party account held with another participating member bank.

Instant Verification of notes, Card based transaction- Depositor is identified, Limit of less than Rs. 49,900/- per transaction, paperless transaction, third party Account deposits.

Instant credit to beneficiary Account, 24*7 Availability of WLA, pay per transaction revenue including deposit transaction, Optimizing Cash Management Cost, Interoperable benefit.